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OXYDTRON „B” ( Heterocyclic inciter)

Beton és falazott szerkezetek helyreállítására és javítására.

Repairment of concrete and walled systems. Heterocyclic inciter of Corroded or inproperely done walled system that ignites a chemical reaction in buildings that have wet structure. Works differently from known conventions. The material produces a kind of magnetic liquid mixing with water and minerals inside the structure. This becomes (by the effect of OXYDTRON R4) a watertight indissoluble crystal. In case of follow-up isolation it produces a mass insulation.

Watertightal and repairing plaster

Factory made, dry, premixed, cementbased, colsegrained watertight plaster, for outer and interior surfaces.

The product can be used both outside and inside for sealing any type of wet walls, repairing and sealing: underground pieces of arts, water reservoirs, for cement containers holding aggressive materials, sweet water containers etc.

Oxydtron Renova

Silica mineral limestone-cement plaster.

The OXYDTRON RENOVA mineral repair plaster (0-0,4;1-1 mm) for cement and other wall surfaces: brick, light concrete, pore concrete, stone, silicate etc. It is used for repair works, for filling up shrinkage-cranks and evening out surfaces. The plaster can be used on the complete surface for evening it out, but especially where moisture can hit the surface.

Oxydtron nanocement

Cement quality improving admixture.

Admixture for cement standing up against water, freeze, heat, acid, alkali. We should add the Oxydtron Nanocemnt to the concrete according to it's compressive strength at least 10 kg/m3. Water-cement factor: according to usage needs. No other admixture can be used in the cement! Under extreme weather conditions below (0c and above +25) the amount of the admixture should be raised my 5kg/m³. In case of special needs, pls. Ask the dealer.

Oxydtron Esztrich

Dry concrete

It is used for protecting thin layers of concrete from: water, freeze, heat, acid, alkali, for repairing concrete or placing new layers of concrete on old ones. It can be used both in interior and outdoor surfaces.

User's manual, technology

When using our products usage guide-lines must be applied.