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OXYDTRON "B" (Heteroclite initiator)

It is used to restore and repair concrete and masonry structures.

It is a heteroclite initiator of aged or defective concrete and masonry structures, which initiates a chemical reaction in the water-logged structure – that inhibits the chemical reaction itself - of the building It forms a magnetic (with an electronic surplus) fluid with water and the minerals in the structure, which, by using Oxydtron Watertight and Repair Grout, turns into insoluble crystals. As a result, it creates mass insulation for subsequent waterproofing.

Price: on request
Available in 15 packaging

Watertight and Repair Grout

It is a factory-, dry-, premixed-, cement-based-, fine-grained watertight grout for outdoor and indoor use.

This product can be used both indoors and outdoors for the repair and subsequent waterproofing of any type of damp, wet wall, monuments, cellars, subterranean concrete structures, sewage tanks (reservoirs), concrete tanks storing aggressive agents, water-tanks, etc., as well as for repairing corroded (aged), cracked or frozen concrete surfaces.

Price: on request
Available in 15 and 25 kg packaging

Oxydtron Renova

Silicon-based, lime cement grout

Oxydtron Renova repair grout (0-1 mm). It can be used both indoors and outdoors, in a 4 mm to 20 mm thick layer. It can be applied in several layers. It is the last layer of Oxydtron’s waterproofing system. It is a monument-protection hard plaster.

Price: on request
Available in 25 kg packaging

Oxydtron nanocement

An additive to improve the quality of concrete

Depending on the compressive strength requirement, we add cement and a minimum of 10 kg / m^3 Oxydtron Nanocement to the concrete. Water – cement factor: according to the application of demand. No other additives should be mixed into the concrete (not even plasticisers)! Under extreme weather conditions (below 0 °C and above +25 °C, and above 330 kg cement content) the amount of additive must be increased by 5 kg / m^3. If you have a special request, please contact your dealer.

Price: on request
Available in 25 kg packaging

Oxydtron Esztrich

Dry concrete with fiberglass reinforcement

To be used for the formation of water-, frost-, heat-, acid-, alkali and oil-resistant thin concrete surfaces, for repairing concrete and re-concreting old concrete surfaces. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Price: on request
Available in 20 kg and 25 kg packaging

Instructions for use

To use our products, it is essential that we follow the correct usage guidelines. This is what we can help you with.

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